Anderson Insurance Associates needed shared password management

Anderson Insurance Associated tracks hundreds of accounts and passwords, and needed to add a password management solution for shared password, shared folder to improve security and efficiency.

LastPass Outcomes

Greater productivity

Improved security

Secure password sharing

“With passwords changing monthly or quarterly, accounts would get locked after too many incorrect tries, then we’d have to go in to help the employee and it’d be a 45-minute call with an insurance company to reset it. It was just a major inefficiency.” Ryan Moniz Director of IT, Anderson Insurance Associates

Customer Overview

Anderson Insurance Associates is a Charleston- based insurance agency committed to providing high quality personal, business, life and health insurance since 1981.


Representing some 100 insurance providers to service their clients, Anderson Insurance Associates has to track hundreds of accounts and passwords to keep operations running smoothly. Logging employees into those accounts, quickly and with minimal interruption to their workflow, is essential to the team’s success.

The company had been letting employees manage passwords on their own, which resulted in security risks as passwords were written down on note pads or stored in documents on computer desktops. Mandatory password resets every month or quarter further slowed down the team, with frequent account lockouts due to password confusion.


To manage the hundreds of service provider accounts, and shared password convenience, Anderson Insurance Associates chose LastPass, a comprehensive password management solution that saves usernames and passwords in a digital vault while automating the login process for all websites.


  • automates routine IT tasks (including onboarding and offboarding users)
  • automates shared account provisioning
  • schedules automated password resets, without interrupting employees
  • provides every employee with their own LastPass vault, giving each employee the appropriate level of access to the tools they need to streamline their workflow.
  • offers employees Shared Folders so they can securely share credentials, including a shared password, among team members

Additionally, LastPass facilitates management of employees working off-site, allowing the IT team to easily support remote team members.


  • Anderson Insurance Associates deployed LastPass within two hours and after a month the entire organization had integrated the product into their daily workfl.
  • Employees can now quickly change passwords when they have a mandatory password reset and don’t have to worry about remembering that password, which has significantly reduced the burden.
  • The IT team is able to enforce the company’s password policies and has direct insight into the company’s password security at all levels.
Each employee has on average 50 logins synced through Shared Folders, in addition to another 50 or so logins stored in their vault for their use only.

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