Fresh Financials Needed a Password Generator with Zero-Knowledge Encryption

LastPass has empowered Fresh Financials to follow best security practices when it comes to access and passwords.

LastPass Outcomes

Greater productivity

Improved security

Secure password sharing

“We are far more organized with LastPass. We just log in once to LastPass, and LastPass logs us into everything else. Staff members don’t need to ask around for passwords or open files to find client passwords and logins—LastPass just does it all automatically for us.” Emma Northcote-Green Founder, Fresh Financials

Customer Overview

Fresh Financials provides outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services for over 60 small and medium business. Due to the sensitive data it encounters, using secure passwords and eliminating password reuse was imperative.


Working entirely in the cloud, Fresh Financials uses the latest technology to offer next-generation, real-time financial reporting on a daily and weekly basis for its clients, with zero-knowledge encryption security.

Fresh Financials needed to ensure that passwords were being shared securely amongst team members, and that departing team members or vendors would not pose a security risk to the business.


LastPass simplifies management of every login and password, with a central admin dashboard that gives businesses the security tools they need.

Fresh Financials uses LastPass’ built-in password generator to create secure, generated passwords for every account, so that no two accounts use the same password.

Because the company holds many passwords on behalf of its clients, from bank logins to HMRC & Companies House login details, it is essential for clients to know that their data and sensitive information is safe.

LastPass provides a secure repository where Fresh Financials can safely store this data, knowing that LastPass’ zero-knowledge encryption means that not even LastPass can access the sensitive data.


Prior to using LastPass, Fresh Financials had a file of client passwords that it kept locked away. Because employees couldn’t possibly remember all the passwords for every site they used on a daily basis, they often kept passwords in the front of a notebook for easy access.

After quickly moving the team to LastPass, all employees must do now is open their browser and log in to LastPass to instantly connect to any of their accounts. They also utilize policies to require two-factor authentication for employee LastPass accounts, adding an additional layer of protection.

Because LastPass uses zero-knowledge encryption, Fresh Financials and their clients are further protected with an additional layer of password security so no one, not even the companies, has access to the passwords themselves. Additionally, the password generator ensures secure, complex passwords are always used, making password reuse a thing of the past.

Employees can now share passwords securely amongst the team. Passwords can be shared as “hidden” through LastPass, ensuring that not only are the passwords encrypted but that they are masked in the employee’s vault. And when a staff member leaves, LastPass simplifies the process of removing his or her access.

LastPass has empowered Fresh Financials to follow best security practices when it comes to access and passwords, so the team can focus on delivering a better service while knowing that they’re safeguarding sensitive client information. Plus, the team has enjoyed a productivity boost with LastPass, allowing them to connect quickly to the services they need to get the job

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