What is identity and do you need identity protection?

Identity is you. It is the behavior, devices, access, and attributes that are unique to you as an individual in the workplace. Identity is complex. Identity protection doesn’t have to be.

Did you know?

  • 92% of organizations experience at least one identity challenge – the average struggles with three.
  • Of the 3 challenges, balancing security with ease of use tops the list at 47%.


  • 98% also see room for improvement in the security behavior of their employees – and
  • 53% see the need for large improvements.
  • 82% of organizations say their business has been exposed to a risk due to poor IAM.

So, it’s no surprise that 81% agree managing identity should be a higher priority for their organization.

SMBs top security objectives span:

  • Securing data: 75%.
  • Securing new technologies as they are adopted: 68%.
  • Reducing risk: 66%.
  • Upgrading IAM capabilities: 65%.

And need to manage identity in a way that mitigates these risks, without being a barrier to the business.

Identity Protection

Access Management

Single Sign-On

Connect employees to apps with 1 set of credentials.

Seamlessly connect employees to their work

Password Management

Capture, store, share and fill passwords.

Authentication Ensure
the right users gain the right access

Multifactor Authentication

Combine 2 or more factors to verify a user.

Where are you on your identity journey?

  • 90% of businesses say user access management is important to their organizational security.
  • 49% agree single sign-on delivers simplified identity and access management of user profiles and credentials.
  • 95% see the need to emphasize stronger employee password behavior.
  • 95% claim to have a good or complete understanding of authentication.
  • 59% believe strengthening user authentication with MFA is crucial.
  • 93% agree that bringing the various aspects of identity and access management under greatly benefit the overall security of the organization.

For insights into managing identity and actionable steps to improve your organization’s identity program.

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