Good to see you (virtually)! This year's RSA theme is resilience — see how securing your remote workforce can help your business become more resilient.


We're resilient and evolving

With employees working and living from anywhere, the way we do business has changed. But regardless of where or how you work, securing access to data and applications is critical.

Good password hygiene is a must

In our remote world, it's essential to promote collaboration among colleagues and clients. But you must do so securely. With 80% of data breaches caused by weak or stolen passwords, it’s imperative you practice good password hygiene. LastPass makes password management easy for your business, helping employees and clients create strong passwords while avoiding password reuse.

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 2019

Streamline your admin experience

Our new Admin Console makes it easy for you to manage access and security protocols while increasing visibility into end user’s behavior. Achieve greater enrollment and eliminate adoption challenges with the new action-oriented adoption dashboard, whose integrated data visualization tool quickly highlights pressing account issues or gaps.

Help your employees and their families live and work securely from anywhere

Employee benefits newest addition, Families as a Benefit, extends LastPass Families to your employees, giving them a personal LastPass account plus 5 additional licenses to share across their family or friends.

Coming Soon! Summer 2021

“Having the ability to work from home is paramount in today's pandemic. Enabling employees to remain productive allows businesses to provide key services to their customers. With a high demand for remote access, nst can rapidly get our customers back to being productive.” Network Solutions & Training, Inc

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