FlightNetwork Needed secure employee onboarding

FlightNetwork uses LastPass for more than just passwords. Teams also use Secure Notes to document system configurations and other access details.

LastPass Outcomes

Greater productivity

Improved security

Secure password sharing

“With LastPass, it makes it very easy to onboard people without having to manually send them passwords and have them stored in their email. Overall, the management and distribution of passwords across the organization is completely streamlined.” Bryan Fernandez Director of Product, FlightNetwork

Customer Overview

Founded in 2005, FlightNetwork has grown to become the largest Canadian- owned online travel agency in Canada, and second most- visited behind Expedia.

Flight Network is part of Flight Network Ltd which is owned by Etraveli Group AB, one of the three largest flight-centric online travel agents in Europe. The company operates in 77 countries on 6 continents. With close to 14 million customers and over 4 million holidays sold, Etraveli fills 140 Boeing 737s every day. The Group has extensive experience in the industry and has been running its travel agency business since 1989. Starting to sell flights online already in 2000, they were one of the first e-commerce travel companies in Scandinavia.


With teams spread across different locations, being able to quickly and securely address IT needs is a top priority for FlightNetwork.

Hundreds of passwords are required to facilitate admin access as employees work on technology integrations, coordinate with suppliers and organize a wide range of content for web properties via APIs and custom logins.

Many passwords also need to change monthly or quarterly, introducing even more headaches for the IT team as they work to ensure password protocol is followed while still providing employees with efficient access to the logins. These challenges motivated FlightNetwork to seek out a password management solution, one that would allow for easy employee onboarding and facilitate secure password sharing and secure notes sharing among teams.


Prior to using LastPass, FlightNetwork employed a three-pronged approach for keeping track of passwords: email, Excel spreadsheets and Post-It notes. With LastPass, the team has completely eliminated these insecure methods of data storage. All passwords are centrally organized within LastPass, and then synced across individuals as needed with Shared Folders.

Because of the large number of suppliers the team works with, FlightNetwork needed the ability to create and remove logins in real time, and to quickly push out any changes to those logins. LastPass automates both the employee onboarding and the password sharing processes. Now, a new login can be synced to the appropriate team members behind the scenes, with no extra work on their part. Plus, any updates to passwords are synced automatically, so everyone has the correct login data.


By implementing LastPass as its go-to password management solution, along with Secure Notes, FlightNetwork has seen a marked increase in efficiency and productivity across its technical teams, from employee onboarding to secure password management.

  • IT is able to facilitate projects and work with suppliers without being slowed down by passwords, while simultaneously improving security organization-wide.
  • Additionally, LastPass saves the team time on a daily basis when it comes to repetitive tasks.
  • Rather than having to think up new passwords when creating yet another supplier account login, the team can generate one with the LastPass password generator in one click.
  • And with one-click access to all accounts by letting LastPass log in for them, employees waste no time looking up specific passwords or typing them in.

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