Modules library

Components demo page

This is the page, where we link 3 types of modules/templates that we have on our marketing website: blank components with most popular variations (to showcase the options), shared components (these are instances of a component with same content, same styling that are “shared” across multiple pages), and template pages (typical component combination in a use case of a webpage).


  1. 3col widget
  2. Accordion
  3. Article
  4. Callout cards
  5. Channel nav
  6. Centered heavy hero
  7. Centered media block (simple hero)
  8. Comparison grid
  9. Closing section
  10. FAQ
  11. Feature stack
  12. Generic component
  13. Home page heavy hero
  14. Left-aligned heavy hero
  15. Pricing cards
  16. Promo: Top banner
  17. Promo: Large modal
  18. Promo: Small modal
  19. Promo: Side sticky banner
  20. Resource cards
  21. SEO heavy hero
  22. SEO module
  23. Separation line
  24. Stats module
  25. Tabs component
  26. Trust module
  27. Video module

Shared components

  1. Shared trust sections
  2. Shared pricing sections
  3. Shared 3col widgets
  4. Shared closing sections
  5. Shared resource cards sections

Page templates

  1. SEO article
  2. Feature page
  3. Solution page
  4. Product details page
  5. Resources compilation
  6. PPC: General unclear intent page
  7. PPC: Business try intent page