LastPass vs Free Built-in Solutions

How LastPass Exceeds Traditional Browser Password Managers 

With LastPass, you can access your passwords across all your devices, simply and securely share passwords with others, get advanced multifactor authentication options, and best-in-class security methods.

Last updated: March 23, 2023

How do browser password managers compare to LastPass?

Password managers like iCloud Keychain and Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers lack the essential security features that are built-in to LastPass. When it comes to sensitive information like your passwords, those security features are crucial.

Access your passwords across all your devices

Premium LastPass plans work on all browsers, across all your devices and any OS – from Mac to Windows, Android to iOS. You can freely access passwords across your work laptop, your smartphone, and your home tablet, securely accessing essential logins and secure notes whenever you need them.

Browser password managers, on the other hand, only work with the browser you’re using – they don’t support other browsers. So for Google Chrome and iCloud Keychain, you’re stuck storing and accessing your passwords only in Chrome and Safari.


Military-grade, award-winning security

With LastPass, you get best-in-class security. LastPass utilizes a zero-knowledge security model which features AES 256-bit encryption of the vault and PBKDF2-SHA256 one-way salted hashing of the master password. Both ensure only you have the keys to unlock your vault and that your data is never visible to anyone but you – not even LastPss.

Best of all, even if a security incident occurs to LastPass, the company, your LastPass password vault will never be compromised thanks to the premier vault encryption.

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Simply, securely share passwords with family and friends

LastPass supports secure sharing with other users, so it’s easy to safely share passwords to friends and family – no need to share it by text message, Instagram DM, or WhatsApp. LastPass Premium supports sharing with one other LastPass user at a time, while LastPass Families allows sharing with as many LastPass users as you like.

Google Password manager and iCloud Keychain do not support or offer password sharing. The two only share passwords to the browser application. You’re thus forced to share your passwords through unsecure methods, putting your cybersecurity at serious risk.

Different LastPass plans provide you with more sophisticated password sharing options. For example, with LastPass Families plan you can even manage and share passwords by folders. So you can share a folder called “streaming passwords” with your household while only sharing the “banking and credit informations” folder with your spouce.


Different LastPass plans provide you with more sophisticated password sharing options. For example, with LastPass Families plan you can even manage and share passwords by folders. So you can share a folder called “streaming passwords” with your household while only sharing the “banking and credit information's” folder with your spouse.

Additional, advanced layers of security

LastPass users can secure their acounts further if they want to, placing more unbreakable roadblocks between their data and bad actors.

All LastPass tiers have access to multifactor authentication (MFA), which adds additional checkpoints prior to accessing the vault to ensure data is truly locked down. Users can utilize the LastPass Authenticator app or additional 3rd-party authentication methods.

In contrast, Google Chrome and iOS users can implement two-factor authentication (2FA), but they can only do so with their built-in authenticator, so their security options are limited.

LastPass paid subscribers also get access to advanced MFA options, which include biometrics (fingerprint scan) and 3rd-party hardware keys, like YubiKey. Users can establish either of these advanced MFA methods to further secure their account against anyone who isn’t them.


Your data is kept separate and safe

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. With Google and iCloud, you’re placing all of your personal data in one place. If someone hacks your Chrome or Mac/iOS devices, they can easily get access to the rest of your information – email, calendar, file storage, sensitive documents, photos – as well as your passwords.

LastPass keeps your environments separated. We only handle your passwords and sensitive data you store. Anything your store is securely encrypted, available and visible only to you.

And by extending your LastPass Master Password to passwordless, where you use your biometric info (fingerprint) as a Master Password, you remove the obstacles between you and the sites stored in your vault, while still keeping them secure.


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