Protect your data while at work and home with LastPass

Employees with LastPass Business accounts now get a LastPass Families account – at no added cost.

However you define family, we’ve got you covered

Employee benefits just got better – and bigger!

Your employer uses LastPass Business to securely store, manage, access, and share credentials and sensitive information, enabling you and your colleagues to collaborate efficiently and safely.

As an added company perk, you can now do the same with 5 of your closest family members or friends, with LastPass Families as a Benefit – at no cost to you.

Through this benefit, each family member you invite will be granted their own unique LastPass account where they can store personal passwords and specify those meant for sharing with others, while keeping the rest private.

Celebrating and protecting all families:

No two families are alike, and whether your family includes spouses, significant others, parents, kids, distant relatives, friends, or roommates – they’re all part of what makes LastPass Family special. Store everything from passwords to passports and easily share streaming credentials, log in to pay shared bills, and never be locked out of any personal or shared account again.

Always be prepared by having all important credentials and documents at your fingertips, reducing the dependency on one person handling household responsibilities and certain aspects of digital life.

Secure your digital life:

Digital lives are evolving as more time is spent online - school, work, and socializing with family and friends. Hackers and cyber criminals have also evolved, making your digital life increasingly risky – especially if you don’t practice proper password hygiene. Offer Last Pass Family as benefit to your employees.

Did you know?

  • In a recent study 91% of respondents knew that using the same or a variation of the same password is a risk; however, 66% said they do it anyway!
  • Poor password behavior can lead to serious consequences. In fact, 85% of breaches involve a human element which encompasses any attack that involves a social action such as phishing, stolen credentials, or human error.
  • What’s worse? The consequences are often financially damaging. Financial motivation is the top threat actor seen in 70% of breaches.

Password managers are the safest way to keep track of passwords and protect individuals and families from cyber threats.

LastPass Family protects you in mere minutes

As a business account holder, you can redeem your Families account today! Claim and manage your Families Account by following step-by-step instructions.

Get started with LastPass Family:

  • Once you have claimed your LastPass Family account, you will receive a verification and confirmation notification. You can start using your Families account immediately, inviting up to five members through the Family Dashboard.
  • You can choose to link or unlike your personal and business account – which is not required to use your Family account – within the “Account Benefits” tab.
  • You specify what is for sharing with others while keeping the rest private. With our zero-knowledge security model, no one ever knows your passwords.
  • If you leave your current employer, you’ll have the option to purchase your LastPass Families account. If you choose not to, you and your family members will move to LastPass free, with no loss of credentials.
  • Your LastPass Family as a Benefit account includes basic and personal LastPass support. Access our 24/7 Support Center with self-help resources and the LastPass Community - monitored by LastPass Specialists. Need more help? You can email support and speak with our customer care team!

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