November Five Needed Enhanced Admin Rights and Multifactor Authentication to Improve Cyber Security

LastPass simplifies and strengthens November Five password security, while enhancing productivity.

LastPass Outcomes

Greater productivity

Improved security

Secure password sharing

“After exploring the options, we found LastPass offered the best-in-class enterprise features we needed. It was the most versatile tool on the market and offered industry-grade protection. The ease of use was a big attraction, and the buying process was simple.” Nick Verbaendert Managing Director of November Five

Customer Overview

Founded in 2008 by four mobile application innovators, November Five is a fully integrated digital transformation partner with special forces aptitude. Now employing 54 people, it helps clients achieve lasting business impact on decisive moments through resourceful thinking, meaningful collaboration and agile engineering. It does this for companies ranging from household names like Spotify, Coca-Cola and Toyota to start-ups and local mid-sized to large businesses.


As November Five grew in its early years, it recognized the need for more rigorous security policies. Password security, in particular, required enhancing to protect the company and its clients from data breaches and cyberattacks.

Nick Verbaendert, Managing Director of November Five, says: “We needed a password-management solution to support our growth, and enable easy and secure employee onboarding and offboarding. We wanted to be able to enforce password policies, monitor usage, and share groups of accounts in an encrypted way."


LastPass is now used across the business to provide secure access to more than 60 tools and systems. All new employees are onboarded into LastPass on their first morning, giving them immediate access to the tools they need. As well as offering a structured way to provide access and admin rights, LastPass helps to enhance productivity by creating unhindered access to all tools, without compromising security.

It now takes November Five just a few seconds to add a password, and the simple administration makes it easy to conduct regular checks on password practices. The company also uses LastPass multi-factor authentication by default for access to all its tooling.


Nick says: “LastPass gives us the peace of mind that a large part of our security strategy is taken care of. It has created a mind shift in the way employees think about security and password safety in general. That’s essential now that work and personal life are becoming more entangled due to remote working. Although LastPass is just one of the pieces of a complex puzzle, with the rise in cyber and ransomware attacks, it’s reassuring to have a system that protects us from those threats.”

Nick adds: “We particularly value the account-sharing feature of LastPass, which enables passwords to be shared securely with all employees. It means we can provision new team members with shared accounts that enable them to start contributing to the business from day one. We invest a lot of time in getting our onboarding right, and LastPass plays an important role in that.

It also makes offboarding much simpler, allowing us to control access and reassign accounts without any security risks."

LastPass simplifies the process of contracting with new clients too. Its security policies and industry-grade guarantees make it easy for November Five to give clients the security and compliance assurances they need.

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