CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Sought a Password Vault Solution with Shared Folder Capabilities

Secure shared folders and password vault were just the beginning, LastPass offers greater visibility into password protocols and reporting without risking their credentials.

LastPass Outcomes

Efficient Account Management

Ease of Collaboration

Increased Security Posture

“LastPass has changed our day-to-day productivity by allowing us to securely log in to and access the data and technology we need, across all of our platforms, teams, and applications.” Dan Wadsworth Owner and Creative Director

Customer Overview

InsideSales offers the leading Enterprise Sales Engagement Platform that accelerates revenue. With Playbooks™ from InsideSales, sales professionals increase productivity, optimize customer interactions, and connect to the right buyers. Playbooks manages lead follow-up and prospecting cadences, automates administrative tasks, and uses data to predict who, when, and how to engage buyers for the best outcome—all to set your sales reps up for success. Using Playbooks, thousands of sales teams have been able to accelerate revenue using buyer behavior data and AI—including Groupon, Dell, Sage, Ping Identity, Caesars Entertainment, Pluralsight, Motorola, Fidelity, American Express, and Athena Health.


At leading SaaS company, customer success is the heart of their business. Their sales acceleration software uses predictive analytics to help businesses boost revenue by creating more effective communications to their customers.

From the executive level down, this 500-employee company was experiencing several hurdles around password management and security, including:

  • Management of many customer demo accounts that was unwieldy for employees
  • Forced password resets every 90 days made employees very frustrated
  • Haphazard storage of non-traditional credentials, like routers and servers that are maintained across offices

These challenges have one thing in common: They fueled poor security habits across the organization, raising concerns for IT leadership.


Security is always top priority for a CISO, so when Dan Wadsworth started at two years ago, he immediately thought of LastPass. Dan had been using LastPass for many years at home and knew the convenience it offered. He quickly implemented LastPass at the company, where its inclusion in new employee onboarding has enabled employees to find value in:

  • Secure, shared folders for organization of and access to customer demo accounts
  • Secure storage of database, server, and OS credentials
  • A personal password vault available to all employees


Now’s employees aren’t burdened by the many customer demo accounts that they manage, and can even create unique, strong passwords for each account, ensuring a greater level of security within the company. With LastPass, employees have experienced:

  • More efficient customer account management
  • Ease of collaboration and productivity across offices through the use of share folder platforms
  • Increased security posture through unique, random passwords and their password vault
“The reporting features were a big driver for us in going with LastPass. It’s allowed us the ability to see, in a tangible way, real data about users and their password behaviors, without sacrificing the security of those credentials.” Dan Wadsworth Owner and Creative Director

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