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Grow your business while delivering best-in-class security with the LastPass MSP solution. The LastPass for MSP solution provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) visibility and control over every access point of their customer’s business.

With its integrated single sign-on and password management solution, LastPass allows your company to generate incremental revenue while seamlessly managing your customers’ accounts in a single pane of glass.

With LastPass for MSP, your company can provide your customers a best-in-class solution to securely protect their passwords and manage access to applications. In addition, your technicians will be able to provision seats and manage accounts from one central admin console.

By partnering with LastPass as a channel partner, your MSP program will gain competitive margins while providing value to your customers. will gain competitive margins while providing value to your customers.

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Designed for MSPs

Grow your business

Increase customer satisfaction

Sales and training support

Designed for MSPs

The LastPass for MSP solution was designed specifically for Managed Service Providers, with one central admin console, flexibility to add or remove seats, and monthly billing options.

Grow your Business

Generate new revenue streams by providing a security solution with competitive margins in $13.4 billion growth market as a LastPass channel partner.

Partner with a Proven Leader

LastPass offers every channel partner an all-in-one solution for best-in-class single sign-on and password management to meet the security and access needs of your customers.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Strengthen your customer relationships by increasing their security while minimizing their risk of a successful breach.

Sales and Training Support

Take advantage of our sales enablement and training materials to accelerate your growth and provide an excellent experience for your customers.

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