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Principes de sécurité LastPass – Livre blanc technique

LastPass aide les personnes à adopter des principes de sécurité sans effort, chez elles comme sur le lieu de travail.

As our business and personal worlds intersect on an increasing scale in our cloud-centric world, a strong foundation of secure authentication and access is critical to keeping systems, data, and assets safe.

Trusted by millions of consumers and tens of thousands of companies worldwide, LastPass security safely stores passwords and grants access to the technology and services people rely on every day using single sign-on and password management.

Our core mission at LastPass is security, to keep customer information secure and provide a reliable service. This document shows how we accomplish this mission.

What’s Inside:

  • Summary of Key LastPass Security Principles
  • Introduction
  • Logging into the Password Manager
  • Encryption Technology for the LastPass Password Manager
  • Enforcing Security Policies
  • Shared Folders
  • Linked Accounts
  • Account Recovery
  • Securing the Client
  • LastPass Federated Login Services
  • SOC 2 Attestation
  • LastPass Infrastructure
  • Protecting LastPass Network and Systems
  • LastPass MFA Solution Security
  • Security Incidence Reporting

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