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The 3rd Annual

Global Password Security Report

Emerging trends in credential management, access and authentication in businesses worldwide.

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Key Takeaways from the 3rd Annual Report

57% of businesses globally are using multifactor authentication, compared to 45% last year.
13x is how often an employee reuses a password, on average.
23% Of employees access their password vault on a smartphone.
49% Is the average Security Score of over 47,000 businesses using LastPass.

What does this score tell us?

Improvements in Security Scores are hampered by ongoing password reuse. Though password management is being rapidly adopted by businesses worldwide, ongoing user education and training are crucial to raising Security Scores.

Other key insights include:

  • multifactor-svg 

    IT admins take advantage of policies and integrations to increase security and streamline management, but more admins could be mandating the use of multifactor authentication

  • security-leader-svg 

    The Netherlands emerges as a leader in security this year, with high usage of multifactor authentication and the top Security Score

  • mobile-accessibility-svg 

    Ability to access passwords on mobile significantly improves the experience – and employee adoption of password management

  • international-regulation-svg 

    Internationally, increased regulation appears to be a driving factor of password security awareness, especially in EMEA and APAC

  • it-organizations-svg 

    IT organizations must take responsibility for ongoing training and proactive measures to eliminate risky password behaviors and improve company-wide Security Scores

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The 3rd Annual Global Password Security Report

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