IDC InfoBrief: Harnessing Identity to Position Security as a Business Enabler

With an evolving workforce, and the business focused on digital transformation, today’s security team is going through a fundamental and continuous shift. The growing importance of Identity and Access Management (IAM) as the new first line of defence is moving the attention of today’s security team towards understanding the risk appetite of the business.

Another challenge for the security team is how to rebuild their brand within the organisation. Traditionally seen as a growth blocker and a necessary cost, every security leader is aware work needs to be done to change this perception. Could the continuous change driven by digital transformation, that is giving rise to many security challenges, be concealing the lifeline that security has been waiting for?

This IDC Infobrief, sponsored by LastPass, looks at a number of challenges facing security teams, explores them in detail to understand why these challenges are arising, and makes recommendations around how they can be resolved by using Identity and Access Management solutions to mutually benefit the business and the security team.

Download our Infobrief to get in-depth insights into

  • The Changing Role of the Security Team
  • The Perception Challenge
  • Five Identity Drivers to Support Business Needs
  • Engaging with the Board
  • Recommendations for the Future