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But don't let that stop you from getting the gift of World Password Day!


Poor password hygiene puts your data at risk


80% of data breaches are caused by compromised passwords

The LastPass password manager helps users, families, and businesses create, save, and manage secure passwords.


The average person reuses each password 14 times

Create a unique, safe password and type it in just once. LastPass remembers all your passwords so you don’t have to.


Over 1 million children were victims of identity theft in 2019

Digital safety begins at secure passwords and cyber security education. LastPass Families is the first step to fortifying your child's life online.

LastPass Password Manager

Stay safe online while saving time

LastPass makes it easy to protect and access all your digital accounts. Whether you're a family who wants to securely share credentials or a company in need of a remote workforce password solution, LastPass has you covered.


Practice safe password management every day

With LastPass Premium, Families or Enterprise, your passwords travel with you, enabling you to live and work from anywhere.


Eliminate password reuse

Ensure you, your kids or employees create unique passwords with our password generator.


Access across all your devices

Save a password once to your personal vault and immediately access it from any other device.


Share passwords simply and securely

Easily share passwords, notes, and credentials with family, friends, coworkers or clients.


Stop data breaches before they happen

Dark web monitoring will alert you and your business' admins if your personal info is at risk.


Onboard and deploy with ease

LastPass is intuitive for first-time users and makes day-to-day management easy for IT.


Protect your data, wherever you are

Keep your credentials and info safe with our zero-knowledge security model and AES-256 encryption.

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Celebrate World Password Day with CoderDojo!

At LastPass, we’re committed to promoting good password hygiene. In honor of World Password Day, we’re proud to support CoderDojo, a global volunteer-led community of free programming workshops for young people between 7 and 17.

Along with getting 25% off LastPass products from now until May 6th, we will donate $1 of every purchase to CoderDojo to support cybersecurity education.

Learn more about CoderDojo Foundation

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