2018 Global Password Security Statistics Report

Understanding password hygiene in businesses worldwide – and how your company stacks up

Explore the state of password security in 2018 and what you can do to stay secure. LastPass has analyzed 43,000 business to show where password habits fall short.

You know password management is important. But is your business failing to invest in this easy security and productivity win?

In our first ever Global Password Security Report, we’re uncovering the true state of corporate password security around the world. We analyzed aggregated data from more than 43,000 businesses using LastPass to bring IT professionals a password security benchmark.

In the report, we’re not only revealing password behaviors in the workplace, we’re creating a benchmark that businesses can use to measure progress when investing in password management. By showing averages for companies big and small, we aim to help IT professionals understand where their company ranks, and how to make impactful changes.

Download the free report today to learn how your company measures up – and what to do about password security right now.

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