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The 3rd Annual Global Password Security Report

Emerging trends in access and authentication in law firms worldwide.

A law firm’s reputation is everything. Build trust with your employees and clients by ensuring access to their critical data is secure.

Through analysis of 47,000 businesses worldwide, the 3rd Annual Global Password Security Report empowers you to make informed decisions about your law firm’s approach to password security.

To better understand these challenges, LastPass researched IAM trends across professional services, IT and media to answer how verticals shape IAM requirements.

The 3rd Annual Global Password Security Report will help you:

  • Become more security conscious and improve the overall security posture of your law firm. 
  • Learn best practices to eliminate password reuse and securely store passwords to achieve a security-aware law firm.
  • Set and achieve firm-wide security goals while reducing the burden on your IT team.

Download the Report today to better understand the current state of password security, access, and authentication around the world – and learn how to mitigate risk to better secure your law firm.