The 2018 Global Password Security Report

Understanding password hygiene in businesses worldwide and how your company stacks up.

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Introducing the 2018 Benchmark Security Score

52% is the average Security Score of over 43,000 businesses using LastPass.

What does this score tell us?

Even as more businesses invest in password management, most are performing middle of the road for password security. While a score of 52% is fair, it shows a need for more effective policies and training so organizations can surpass the benchmark.

45% of businesses are using multifactor authentication, compared to 25% of businesses last year.
23% is the average Security Score of businesses before using a password manager.
46% is the average Security Score of businesses over 500 employees.

About the data in this report

We analyzed more than 43,000 businesses that use LastPass around the globe. This report takes a close look at the following metrics:

The LastPass Password Strength Score evaluates the combined, averaged password strength of all passwords stored in the user’s vault. Factors include the length, complexity and reuse of passwords.

The LastPass Security Score is calculated using the following criteria:

  • The number of duplicate passwords
  • The number of sites marked "vulnerable" (due to publicly disclosed data breaches)
  • The number of weak passwords
  • The average strength of each password
  • The strength of shared passwords
  • The multifactor authentication score

Get the full report to see how we break the data down into actionable insights.

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So what does this mean for me?

Get the full report to see how we break the data down into actionable insights.

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Improve your digital security score

IT and security professionals can use the benchmark scores presented in this report to chart a better course. Our data shows that if companies have the right tools, they're able to make significant improvements in password security. Solving the password problem improves security, productivity, employee satisfaction and even your customer experience. Read the report for more data-driven insights especially for the IT and security communities.

Gerald Beuchelt, CISO at LogMeIn, talks about why the Password Security benchmark matters.

The Global Password Security Report2018

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