How Identity and Access Management Empowers Businesses to Securely Work from Anywhere

Learn how identity and access management solutions are empowering business to securely work from anywhere in the remote work era.

IAM strategy: introduction

Organizations have rapidly shifted their businesses to operate remotely, and the benefits of doing so are significant. However, with remote work also comes risks.

Remote work isn’t a trend, but rather the new normal. We have now entered the work from anywhere era. This means seamless, secure access for employees and security for the business, no matter where employees are working from. The reality of work from anywhere means IT has to facilitate secure access for employees from many locations, from many devices for many applications – which complicates the process of ensuring employees are who they say they are.

In the work from anywhere era, it’s critical organizations develop an identity and access management (IAM) strategy that authenticates and authorizes every employee so that they gain access to the business resources they need to stay productive.

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