From Password to Passwordless

Addressing the password problem as employees work from anywhere.

Going passwordless: introduction

The problems with passwords are still an ongoing struggle. Undoubtedly, managing passwords is still taking up time that could be spent elsewhere by you and others in your organization. They’re causing a lot of headaches and frustrations for your IT department and organization’s employees alike. Security issues might be the core of that headache for you and your IT team, but it’s the lack of convenience and ease of use that employees care about. It’s clear that change is long overdue.

In a world where work from anywhere is the norm, this change is even more crucial. Speaking with IT and security professionals during a time of radical change for all, one thing is clear: secure identity is important, no matter where you’re working. You need a solution that is twofold, which maintains absolute security and eliminates those irritations for employees all in one. So, is passwordless authentication a realistic solution that your business can use to address the password problem once and for all? LastPass by LogMeIn partnered with market research specialist Vanson Bourne to explore the trends driving towards a passwordless future.

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