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LastPass has partnered with Yahoo to offer you LastPass Families as part of your Yahoo package.

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Digital contingency plan

  • Make your accounts safely available to another LastPass user of your choice using the Emergency Access feature.
  • Prepare for the future and ensure you're never locked out in unexpected situations.

Big family savings

  • Secure your entire family — your spouse, parents, kids and more — for only $4/month.
  • Add up to 5 other users to your LastPass Families account so everyone can easily store and share passwords.



只要您把密码保存在 LastPass 中,您随时可以在需要时找到您的密码。登录从此变得简单快捷。


从我们 1350 万名用户到诸如美国银行和好市多等企业,LastPass 深受人们的喜爱与信任。


通过电子邮件轻松邀请家庭成员。他们可以设置自己的 LastPass 帐户,并快速进行分享。

LastPass 深受人们喜爱

“LastPass 让不同家庭成员间分享与更新密码这件事变得轻松简单。全家人都能顺利使用 LastPass。”

– Erin P.

“我与我的丈夫都有 LastPass 帐户,我们非常喜欢以文件夹的形式分享我们共用的诸如购物帐户和银行账户类的东西。谢谢!“

– Chris B.

“我私下在工作和生活中都会使用 LastPass,我还让父母也开始使用 LastPass,从此无需手写便条。”

– Martijn H.

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