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Password security can’t wait

Secure every password-protected entry point to your business.

Passwords are frustrating – and insecure

When it comes to protecting today’s digital business, a spreadsheet of passwords just won’t cut it anymore.


Passwords are cumbersome

The average employee struggles with nearly 200 credentials to keep track of.


Poor habits = more risk

80% of data breaches can be traced to weak, reused, and stolen credentials.


Password sharing is a pain

Credentials get passed around by email, chat, or paper, exposing the business to risk.


Productivity is impacted

When employees are distracted by lockouts and resets, they’re not getting work done.


IT lacks control

Businesses can’t protect what they can’t see. IT has little visibility into password security.


Employees leave with access

When onboarding is manual and piecemeal, former workers can still access company data.


Protect every password in your business

Every password is an entryway to your business, and a password manager makes it easy to secure them all.


Secure password storage

Give employees their own vault for storing every app and web login they use.


Convenient password sharing

Make it easy for employees to share logins while keeping access to corporate data safe.


Streamlined logins

Capture and fill every credential, without disrupting an employee’s workflow.


Centralized control

Enforce policies and get actionable insights into employee password behavior from an admin dashboard.


Simplified user management

Instantly add and remove users, or automate user management with directory integration.


Access from anywhere

No matter where employees work, they always have their passwords with them, from any device.


Smart password storage, convenient password sharing, and an easy-to-manage dashboard makes LastPass Teams an ideal password solution for businesses of 50 or less.


Enterprise automates and scales password management for the whole business with directory integrations, custom security policies, and more.

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2019 Global Password Security Report

Our analysis of 47,000 businesses worldwide provides a benchmark for understanding and improving password security.

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