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The Psychology of Passwords: Neglect is Helping Hackers Win

Global Cyber Threats Skyrocket While Password Behaviors at Work and Home Largely Stay the Same

See the top 10 reasons why hackers love consumers and employees

As the cyber threats continued to arise over the last few years (Equifax, Yahoo!, MyFitnessPal), we were curious, have individuals’ behaviors related to creating, changing and managing passwords evolved? Are employees more vigilant now about password security than in 2016, when we conducted our first survey on the topic?

That’s what we set out to determine in our Psychology of Passwords research. The results? We were surprised to find that password behaviors remain largely unchanged from two years ago — translating to some pretty risky behaviors, such as denial: only 55% would update their password if that account had been hacked. And ignorance: almost 50% do not create different passwords for personal and work accounts.

With password hygiene like that, it's no surprise that hackers are taking advantage of the open doors we're leaving for them. Check out the infographic to see the top 10 password behaviors that make hackers love consumers and employees.

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