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Skynamo needed password hygiene and password security management to comply with ISO standards

Skynamo gets smart with password security using LastPass Password Security.

LastPass Outcomes

Greater productivity

Improved security

Secure password sharing

“LastPass allows us to meet the high security compliance standards for ISO 27001 certification that provides us with a competitive advantage in our sales and investment conversations. It also gives us and our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that their data is secure.” Dragan Hanc Head of IT, Security, and Workspaces

Customer Overview

Skynamo is a B2B Field Sales/Outside Sales management and productivity app used by hundreds of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers with sales teams in the field visiting customers on a regular basis. Size: 90 Employees



Skynamo required a method to enable employees to use secure, complex passwords, securely share access to applications and to prevent password re-use.

Skynamo wanted to abide by the security compliance standards of ISO 27001 in order to remain competitive as a cloud-based software-as-a-service application. To comply with these standards, they needed to gain visibility into and manage their passwords and access to all applications, to follow secure password hygiene practices.

Skynamo also needed a method for their support team to securely access the accounts of their customers when they call in and require assistance. They were looking for a method to ensure password security that would provide their support team members full access to their customers’ accounts without compromising their customers’ passwords.


LastPass provides Skynamo visibility to
  • manage their passwords using password hygiene protocols to maintain security
  • provides secure access to their applications so that they can ensure maximum security and maintain a competitive edge.
  • securely share folders or passwords without compromising credentials.

This allows the Skynamo support team to access the accounts of their customers without ever viewing their password, adding an additional layer of password security.

The LastPass Security Challenge allows Skynamo to
  • keep their employees accountable with their password hygiene.
  • create minimum password requirements, such as password length, to increase security through password hygiene.
  • offer Skynamo employees the option to link their personal accounts.

This helps Skynamo promote password hygiene as a culture as opposed to a practice that only applies to work applications.


  • Skynamo uses LastPass as a competitive differentiator when their sales conversations turn to security. In addition, the strong security compliance standards have helped Skynamo to secure investment in their business in new regions.
  • LastPass has helped their employees increase their password hygiene significantly. In fact, Skynamo was able to increase their LastPass password security score by over 25 points since deploying LastPass by promoting organizational-wide adoption, preventing password re-use, and changing weak or old passwords
  • LastPass changed the company culture to be security conscious and put a focus on password hygiene and security.

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