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LastPass Teams

Just Enough Control for Your Team

The safe, simple way to manage passwords for your team.

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Remove password obstacles

When a spreadsheet of passwords just won't cut it anymore, take your password management into the 21st century with LastPass Teams.

  • Instantly add and remove team members.
  • Safely share passwords with others.
  • Give each employee their own vault for safeguarding passwords.
  • Store digital records: WiFi logins, software licenses, and more.
  • Set security controls and restrictions based on your team’s needs.
  • Give employees passwordless login to their vaults.


Remove the master password for your team

Allow your team to log in to their LastPass vault using their biometrics, the LastPass Authenticator app, or any FIDO2-certified authenticator (face or fingerprint ID, YubiKey).

  • Provide friction-free access to employee vaults.
  • Achieve higher adoption rates, improving business-wide password hygiene practices.
  • Reduce employee password-related risks.
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Secure your business

Over 100,000 organizations, from leading tech brands like Yelp to Fortune 500 companies, rely on LastPass to meet their password security needs. Our solution is powerful enough for IT, but easy-to-use for the rest of us.

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Password Storage

Keep passwords organized in one safe place. Login to anything, without interrupting your workflow.


Simple Management

Add and remove users, instantly block access, and turn on basic security policies to control who has access to what.


Convenient Sharing

Still storing passwords in an Excel file? Get a safer way to share passwords that saves your team time and frustration.


Access from Anywhere

No matter where your team works, automatic sync means they always have their passwords with them, from any device they use.


Choose a plan that works for you

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Enterprise password management

Protect your ever-growing business by deploying a flat-fee, scalable password management solution that integrates with your existing technologies.