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Cybersecurity & Identity Trends, Unlocked

Thursday, October 3, 2019 • 3:45pm – 8:00pm

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Intercontinental Hotel
510 Atlantic Ave. Boston, MA 02210

Join LastPass and for the Cybersecurity & Identity Trends, Unlocked event, live in Boston this fall. This exciting interactive event will include a panel discussion with cybersecurity experts, followed by a cocktail and networking reception for the opportunity to chat with the panelists and industry peers. As a thank you for attending and a way to give back to the community, LastPass is donating $100 on behalf of each attendee to your choice of the following three charities: The Boys & Girls Club of Boston, The Greater Boston Food Bank, & KodeConnect.

Cybersecurity Leaders Panel

New Frontiers in Authentication & Access: How Do You Prove You're You?’s Leo Laporte hosts a panel discussion with cybersecurity experts Steve Gibson, William "Ches" Cheswick and LogMeIn CISO Gerald Beuchelt, tackling two of the toughest problems in security today: authentication and access. How can IT prove employees are who they say they are, without making the workday more complicated? We’re debating truths and debunking cybersecurity myths in our live panel discussion, from the death of passwords to the real target of cyber-attacks to the reality behind biometrics, on the most simple and secure way to prove you’re you.

Upon arrival, we’ll provide each attendee with a token worth a $100 donation to a charity of their choosing. Each attendee will also have the ability to donate on their own in addition to the token, and receive raffle tickets toward prizes throughout the reception.

Learn more about each charity and LogMeIn’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, Mission Possible:

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