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Exclusive Early Access: Try Active Directory Federation Services for LastPass Enterprise

Be one of the first to migrate your LastPass Enterprise deployment to AD FS and allow employees to log in to LastPass with their AD credentials.

Give employees a seamless login experience with LastPass

We're thrilled to deliver the next generation of LastPass Enterprise. Currently available for new customers, we'll soon be providing a way for existing customers to move to a federated login experience with LastPass. Coming later this year, we'll make it easy for you to switch users over to logging in with their AD password, without disrupting access to LastPass.

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Easier employee onboarding & offboarding
Deliver what your employees have been asking for – one password for everything. Employees can log in to LastPass with their Active Directory (AD) credentials, so they truly only have one password (their AD password) to remember.

Broader adoption throughout the organization
With federated login to LastPass, eliminate the sign-up process and the need for a master password. Give employees immediate, simple access to the passwords they need to do their work and remove previous login frustrations. In turn, your business will benefit from higher adoption rates of secure password management and enable you to meet your password security goals faster.

Patent-pending security architecture
For federated login, LastPass uses a patent-pending method of distributing, storing and uniting encrypted keys to ensure the AD password is never shared with LastPass. This zero-knowledge model is designed to ensure that only the user can access their data, without adding more hurdles.

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