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What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication increases security by asking a user to provide not only their password, but also more proof that they are who they say they are. There are a variety of flexible multi-factor authentication options such as a code texted to a phone, a code generated from an app, or even a fingerprint. LastPass integrates with many multi-factor authentication options so users can protect their vault with added security, and without the added friction.

LastPass integrates with many two-factor authentication options so users can protect their vault with extra security.

How does it work?

Multi-factor authentication is the addition of a second login step. Normally when you log in to an account, you provide a username and password. When multi-factor authentication is enabled, you also must provide a second level of authentication before you're granted access to the account.

After multi-factor authentication is enabled for your LastPass account, you'll be prompted to complete a step after you enter your master password. The action required will depend on what multi-factor authentication option you selected and typically takes no more than a few seconds to complete. You can also mark specific devices as trusted so that you don't have to re-enter your multi-factor authentication on those devices, while still enjoying the protection of multi-factor authentication for your account.

Do I need multi-factor authentication?

We strongly recommend turning on multi-factor authentication for your LastPass account. In the unlikely event that someone steals your master password, multi-factor authentication will stop them from being able to log in to your account. Because an attacker wouldn't have access to your multi-factor authentication, they wouldn't be able to access your vault.

Multi-factor authentication options

Choose from LastPass' own authenticator or a variety of 3rd party apps, software, and USB tokens.

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LastPass Authenticator

A unique one-tap authentication experience for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. LastPass Authenticator is the only app you need for easy, secure access to all of your top sites.

Smartphone apps
Software-based services
Hardware tokens

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