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Password Management Simplified

Streamline password management and sharing for faculty, staff, and students whilst increasing IT oversight.


Improve password security on and off campus

The average cost of a university data breach is £3.1 million.* Whether you’re a private, public, or state-run institution, that cost is overwhelming. With 75% of all Uni breaches compromising personal data, they must be avoided at all costs.**

Don’t let the sensitive data of your university, faculty, staff and students be compromised. Protect every entry point to your university with LastPass.

Source: * 2020 IBM & Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach Report

** 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report

Decrease IT burden whilst improving oversight

In 2020, a password spraying attack at one university led to the phishing of fellow universities, compromising 1,000 personal accounts and requiring 80 days of IT effort to resolve the fallout*.

Ease IT’s role in user password management and security by providing a single, open solution.

Secure remote working & learning

Control cybersecurity policy implementation and customisation as remote learning and work increases.

Flexible to your Uni

Include access for faculty, staff, students and alumni with LastPass for universities and further education providers.

Simple campus-wide deployment 

Partner Admins with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to streamline the deployment and adoption of LastPass.


Over 1,200 further education institutions and universities rely on LastPass

“LastPass has made us more secure and given us easier access. People don’t want to think of a complex password every time. But if they can create a complex password with one click, they will.” Deltion college

Provide everyone on campus the tools to improve their passwords

Good password practices shouldn’t be a barrier to working or studying. LastPass makes it easy to improve staff and student password practices. 

LastPass remembers every credential

Every time students or staff input a password, they can save it to their personal vault for whenever they need to log in again.

Generate unique passwords

Practice great password hygiene with the integrated Password Generator.

Share effortlessly

Convenient, secure password sharing makes it easy for students and staff to collaborate.


Improve university password security and compliance

Meet your university’s security goals whilst reducing the burden on you IT team with the support of LastPass.

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