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LastPass Enterprise for Education

Better security on your campus starts with better passwords. Begin the conversation today.


We're solving the password problem all across campus.

With 81 percent of data breaches caused by weak or reused passwords*, there is no better time to deliver password management with LastPass to your campus.

Source: 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

Give everyone a tool to improve their passwords.

LastPass removes obstacles, letting staff and students get back to work.

Log in and go

Staff and students won't have to type or recall any of their passwords. LastPass saves and fills their logins for them.

Generate strong passwords

Anywhere you create a new account, LastPass is there too. Generate strong passwords for websites and apps in just a click from their sign-up forms.

Share effortlessly

Convenient sharing options are built into the LastPass vault which removes the need to resort to insecure options like email or chat.


Gain oversight and control over every single login.

When passwords are created and managed for users, secure password habits become second nature.

Proven security model

LastPass is SOC2 Type2 certified with zero-knowledge encryption and vetted by third parties and industry experts through a bug bounty program.

Custom pricing for education

All-inclusive packages for students, faculty, staff, and even, alumni with education-specific pricing.

Partnering for successful campus-wide rollout

To drive adoption, we provide full deployment support including a dedicated Customer Success Manager, self-service training portal and onsite training for admins, faculty, and staff.


Affordable password management across your entire campus

LastPass and Caudit have partnered to create turnkey packages for higher education institutions across Australia and New Zealand.

Unlimited LastPass Enterprise and Premium services

Each CAUDIT + LastPass package includes unlimited quantities of LastPass Enterprise and Premium to secure every password, from business to personal.

Proven zero-knowledge security model

LastPass is built on a zero-knowledge security model that is vetted and trusted by Caudit.

Streamlined fulfillment tools and Educational resources

Simply deploy LastPass campus-wide to increase adoption while reducing onboarding time and support costs.


Don’t take our word for it — see who’s talking about LastPass!

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“Being able to point our community to LastPass when they’re concerned about their password and account security has been beneficial to our awareness efforts.” Richard Biever Chief Information Security Officer, Duke University

You don’t have to take on password security alone.

Learn about our tailored pricing available for educational institutions.

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