How to Get Your Boss On Board with LastPass

10 Tips for Showing Your Boss How LastPass Can Protect Passwords for the Entire Company

At work, you see the sticky notes with passwords at nearly every desk so you know others would benefit from LastPass, but how do you convince your boss?

It’s been months since you committed a new password to memory, and you’ve even started storing your work passwords in your personal LastPass account. You’ve seen the bright side of passwords and you’re not going back. But how do you share the security and convenience that LastPass offers, without being pushy?

Knowing that 69% of people would use a password manager if it was offered, it’s likely your coworkers want a better solution, they just don’t know what’s available.

That’s where you come in. You can share your experience with LastPass and how a password manager has not only made it easier to access your online accounts (no matter where you are), it’s also allowed you to create unique passwords for each and every account. That means you’re significantly less at risk for a breach than those reusing passwords (which is most people at 59%).

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