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Business password management

Protect your business with better password behavior

  • Make it easy for users to securely access and share apps not protected by SSO and sensitive info.
  • Scale adoption with automation and proactively monitor company-wide password health.
  • Further reduce password use with passwordless login options.
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Personal password management

Safely store and autofill passwords across devices

  • Eliminate password reuse with the built-in password generator.
  • Autofill passwords and info in one click, on any device.
  • Assess your security behavior and monitor for data breaches.
  • Minimize the need to type in passwords for a passwordless experience.
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LastPass covers you with comprehensive security protection


Best-in-class encryption

Your master password and stored passwords are kept secret, even from LastPass. Your vault is encrypted and decrypted only at the device level.

LastPass encryption model

Global security certifications

LastPass holds third-party certifications including ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, SOC3, BSI C5, TRUSTe, and more to match your company’s compliance.

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Protect against the dark web

Security breaches are happening all the time. LastPass protects your private data and notifies you when it gets compromised.

Dark web monitoring

Full endpoint protection

Enable additional authentication, like a one-time passcode or fingerprint scan, to protect your account against bad actors and cyber attacks.

Multifactor authentication

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LastPass is one of the applications our teams come looking for, we no longer need to promote it, and that’s why adoption is over 70%. It’s an easy win for the security team and its easy for the employees to create and manage complex passwords that they don’t need to remember.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I access LastPass?

LastPass is accessible on computers (MacOS, Windows, Linux, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and mobile devices (iOS, WatchOS, and Android). Free users can only use LastPass on one device type (computer or mobile), while paid users have unlimited access.

How does LastPass securely store passwords?

Your LastPass vault secures your data on your trusted device through zero-knowledge encryption. Your device encrypts and hashes your passwords locally before sending them to LastPass servers. The next time you need to log in, LastPass returns your encrypted passwords – which are decrypted by your trusted device.

Does LastPass have access to my passwords?

No, our zero-knowledge security model ensures your data remains yours: your master passwords and anything you store in your password vault – passwords, credit cards, mailing addresses, secure notes – are never visible or accessible to LastPass.

How does LastPass encryption work?

LastPass is built on a zero-knowledge encryption method, which ensures you are the only person who knows your master password – the key used to decrypt your password vault. Thanks to 256-bit AES encryption and PBKDF2 derivation function with a secure hash (SHA256), with salting, your master password is never stored on our servers in its plaintext format, so only you will know what it is.

Is LastPass no longer safe?

LastPass is a leader in password and identity management solutions that helps businesses and consumers secure their credentials at work and at home. LastPass is committed to protecting LastPass customers’ data, passwords, and vaults and adheres to a mission of security, transparency, and continuous improvements.

The LastPass Zero-knowledge encryption is a method, including industry-standard algorithms, on which LastPass is built. The only person who uses or knows your master password is you. This method applies encryption and hashing with salting to generate an encryption key used to encrypt (or decrypt) your vaults, where your passwords are stored.

For additional details, our support article covers how LastPass is safe. You can visit the LastPass security page to learn more.

What is the deal with LastPass?

LastPass is a popular password manager that helps users store and manage their passwords. In December 2022, LastPass disclosed a security incident. LastPass remains committed to delivering a secure set of products and services for LastPass customers, and is continuously making improvements and investments across people, processes, and infrastructure to deliver on this commitment.

By streamlining the process of password management and enhancing security, LastPass provides a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses looking to protect their digital identities.

This article contains additional details on what has been done to secure LastPass.

Where is the safest place to keep passwords?

The safest place to keep your passwords is in a password manager like LastPass. Password managers securely store your login credentials in an encrypted vault, ensuring that only you can access them. By using a password manager, you can generate and store strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts, significantly reducing the risk of your credentials being compromised. This method not only enhances your overall security but also simplifies the process of managing multiple passwords, making it easier to maintain good password hygiene.

For additional details, you can visit LastPass vault to learn more.

What's more secure than LastPass?

When considering alternatives to LastPass, it’s important to look for password managers that offer robust encryption, security audits and transparent privacy policies. While LastPass is a robust and secure password manager, it's important to note that all password managers face common threats, such as phishing attacks. To ensure maximum security, users should regularly update their password manager software, enable two-factor authentication (2FA), and stay vigilant against phishing attempts.

It's crucial to prioritize strong security practices, such as using a unique and complex master password and setting up secure recovery options. Additionally, users should be cautious about where they enter their master password and be aware of the signs of phishing scams. By combining a reliable password manager with these best practices, users can significantly enhance their overall digital security.

For additional details, you can visit the LastPass security page or our support site to learn what makes LastPass secure.

What are the disadvantages of LastPass?

Some users find the limited features of the LastPass free version a disadvantage. Paid plans offer more functionality, for a fee. Users of the free version may miss functionalities such as password sharing, personal customer support, and emergency access. These limitations can be a drawback for individuals who require more robust password management tools but do not want to subscribe to the paid plans. Additionally, the free version limits users to syncing their passwords on only one type of device—either mobile or desktop.

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